Web hosting explained

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Web hosting is a term used to describe an internet hosting service which lets organizations and individuals put their website online and make it accessible to the public. If you want to make your website go online, you need a host server where you can store the web pages and all the files. This is like a virtual home for your website.

Today, there are hundreds of web hosting companies out there offering a long list of hosting packages to individuals and business users.  These packages are different and created for different categories of users. By learning more about the basic elements of web hosting, every user should be able to select the best hosting plan for them. We will use this article to highlight some of the basic elements.

First of all, you have to pick the type of server. Today, there are three types of web servers that are used the most – Windows, UNIX, and Linux. Windows is ideal for users that don’t have experience in this field and want to use a wide array of features and options. UNIX is complex, but it offers great security. The same goes for Linux which also provides additional control to website owners. In case you are planning on publishing and running a text-based site, then you can use any of these options.

Next, you should think about disk space. In other words, this is the space that you can use to store website information and data like videos, images, audio files, emails and another type of content. If you are planning on running a more complex site with many videos and images, you should definitely opt for a hosting package that provides more disk space.

It’s not easy to determine how much web traffic per month or per day you are expecting, but it would be nice to have at least some idea about this. In addition, you should know whether you will offer downloadable content on your website. These two things are closely related to the amount of bandwidth you’ll require. This data transfer is important for many websites and that’s why you should check the web hosting provider’s offer.

Finally, you should think about the different kinds of hosting. Analyze your needs and your budget and choose between, dedicated, shared, virtual private server, collocation or free web hosting solution. Each of them comes with some advantages and disadvantages.