Selecting the proper domain name is similar to picking a name for your business or company. It requires a lot of consideration and thought. Your domain name will be like your identity on the web. You need to find a domain name that perfectly fits your business and also one that is simple and easy to find. Here are tips that you can follow when choosing a domain name for your site or company.

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Make it easy and straightforward to type

If you are in the online business, it’s crucial for you to have a domain name that will be simple and easy to type. If you are used to using slang or complicated words customers might have a difficult time finding your website.

Domain Names

Use of keywords

Try the use of keywords which describe your business and the services that you are offering. For example, if you are into the glass replacement industry, you might want to register a keyword like glassreplacement.com. Using keywords helps in improving your ranking on the search engines, and it makes more sense to your clients.


Keep your domain name short

A short domain name is perfect for any website. If you use a complex and long domain name, the chances are that your clients might misspell or mistype it. Always keep the domain names short and simple.


Target your area

If your business is set up in the local area you can consider including your city or state in your domain name so that local customers can be in a position of locating, you easily.

Hyphens and numbers

Avoid hyphens and numbers

Hyphens and numbers are in most cases misunderstood. Customers who hear about your website don’t know if you are using a numeric or if they forget and misplace the dash in the domain name. If you need hyphens and numbers in your domain name, consider registering different variations for you to be safe.

Research for the domain name

Make sure that the domain name you have selected isn’t copyrighted, trademarked or already in use by another person. Using a domain name that belongs to another person or company can create a big legal mess for you that could cost you a lump sum of money and also your domain. Also research on the value of the domain name that you want to select. You can use Godaddy to analyse and determine the value of the domain name and also so you can choose the best domain name for the purpose of your company.

Be memorable

There are thousands of millions of domain names that are registered. Hence having a domain name that’s unique and memorable is essential. The minute you come up with a domain name make sure that you share it with your close friends and family members to ensure that it makes sense to other people and its appealing. If you have a fantastic idea on a domain name register it and put a website before another person does so,

Be memorable

Build and protect your brand

For you to protect your brand, you should buy different domain extensions and misspelt forms of your domain names. These prevent your competitors from registering the misspelt versions and other versions and also ensures that your clients are directed to your site even if they will misspell the domain name.

Act quickly

Domain names sell fast, and they are not expensive so you can purchase one, register it and start using it immediately. If you don’t have an idea of the domain name to use you can use sites like GoDaddy.


Domain names are essential for any business as they help customers to find you easily. If you are having trouble choosing a domain name I’m sure the above tips will help.